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History of Calico Field Spaniels

Calico Field Spaniels is founded by Becki Jo Hirschy (Wolkenheim), but includes dedicated family and friends that are devoted to improving Field Spaniels.  The Calico Field Spaniel Teams team members include:

Becki Jo Hirschy
– has been involved in dogs since the early 1980s, initially starting with an English Springer Spaniel and Lhasa Apso.  She is a lifetime member of the FSSA and has devoted over a quarter of a century to improving and maintaining healthy field spaniels.  Along the way, she authored several books on the breed and trained/titled the first three Obedience Trial Champions (OTCH).  In addition, she bred the first Master Hunter dog and bitch, first Master Agility Champion MACH and co-owned the first Champion Tracker (CT). Currently, Becki shares her home with Partner, Smooch and Lyric.

Kylie Jo Hirschy-Seivert – Co-Founder and daughter of Becki. She has been involved in dogs since 1984 and her first dog was a Schipperke that she won a HIT and put on a CDX title. Her juniors career didn’t begin until 1993 and she showed several Field Spaniels:  CH OTCH Demo, CH OTCH Chevy, CH OTCH Cooper, CH Nigel and CH CT Race.  Her primary dog was a Golden Retriever, CH Amberac’s U Kant Tucker Him Out “Tucker.”  Her final year in junior showmanship she showed CH CT Race at 18 months old as her juniors dog at Westminster and made it to the final cut of her group. Her love for the breed has always been there with helping out on every litter to becoming an approved Juniors Judge.  Her husband and she lost Chuckie and Freddie within a few months of each other. Leaving Brett as their very own. Her husband and she currently share their home with Brett, Jackie, Starlet and Russell.

Wyn Overholt – Co-Breeder and sister of Becki.  She has been involved in Field Spaniels since 1990.  She is located in South Carolina and is the home of the “southern” Calico Field Spaniels.  Currently, she is “mom” to BondBeep and Obie.

Terry Middleton –Co-breeder.  Terry has been involved in Field Spaniels since 1990 when she gave Liver Roan Squier’s Cananpaiqua “Caanen” a forever home.  Currently, she is “mom” to Clint, Charlize, Hunter, Celeste and Lab Ike.  In addition, to Terry loving her animals she captures the best images of animals. To view more about her one of a kind artwork click here.  

Julie Smiley - Co-Breeder. Julie has been involved in dogs since the early 1980's and she has owned and trained a Gordon Setter and English Springer.  She is currently the Fox River Field Spaniel Club President and has served on several show committees including the 2009 & 2012 FSSA National Specialty Shows. Currently, she is the "mom" to Barney, ECS Katie, WSS Katie and Field Spaniel Daisy.     

The foundation for Calico Field Spaniels came home in 1984. We believe in producing multi-talented Field Spaniels. Type, temperament, trainability and structural soundness are important facets of our breeding program.

We show our Field Spaniels in the conformation ring with success, as well as performance areas such as obedience, hunting and agility.

Our talented Field Spaniels include the first 3 obedience trial champions (OTCH) in breed history, the first Master Hunter (MH) as well as the first Master Agility Champion (MACH)!

At Calico Field Spaniels our vision is quality, not quantity!!!

We believe in supporting the organizations that support the breed and the sport, and are members of:

· Field Spaniel Society of America (life member)

· Fox River Field Spaniel Club

· Waukesha Kennel Club

· Western Waukesha County Dog Training Club








Proud to be an AKC Breeder of Merit 

"Lifetime Member in Good Standing
of the FSSA for over 33 years"

"Members in Good Standing
of the FRFSC for 15 years"

"Members in Good Standing
of the WKC for 33 years"

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"Members in Good Standing
of the WWCDTC for 36 years"