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Art Gallery

Terry Middleton is a team member of Calico, but in addition to her Field Spaniels she is an amazing artist. She has the ability to capture beautiful images of the animal family members that everyone cherishes. She has been able to create artwork that you will never see from other artists.

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Terry recently joined into partnership with her sister, Ginny Niebler of Delafield, in producing beautiful images on wine glasses, garden art, and items for the home.  Ginny is a fantastic artist and between them both they love what they do! 

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Artwork, wine glasses, garden art and all other items can be customized for a variety of events.

Here is an oil painting from Terry that hangs in Kylie's office for her clients and co-workers to see of her boys. 


Freddie on the Left, Chuckie in the middle, and Brett on the Right. Photo was taken with a cell phone, so the quality shown isn't the best. In person, it is breathtaking!

Painting by Terry Middleton Copyright 2009

Below is the original photo of Bogey taken while he was training in the field.  Terry then used her talent to magnify his beauty in the below painting.

Painting by Terry Middleton Copyright 2010

Here is some of Terry's Artwork