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Calico's Child's Play SH CD RN WDX CGC HOF ROM-F 

(CH Hilltops Avalyde Jolly Roger x CH OTCH Calico's Demolition Derby UDX3 SH WDX)

March 6, 1997 - April 20, 2012
Liver & Tan Male

Field Spaniel Chuckie Calico's Childs Play SH CD RN




Becki Jo Hirschy

Kylie Jo Hirschy-Seivert

Health Clearances:
Hips - Good

“Baby Chuckie, Chuck a Duck or Uncle Chuckie” is what Chuckie was called most of the time. On March 6, 1997, Demo x Roger produced a litter with hunting qualities that turned heads and made us all believers in the hunting ability of Field Spaniels. In this special litter were two liver and tan twin males that shared a brain. One was Major and one was Chuckie and they grew to be best friends and shared several moments in dog life that I will never understand.

When Chuckie was three weeks old we picked out each other as our very own. Chuckie was the first to escape out of the whelping box, therefore, we always said, “He’s Back” and this is how the “Child’s Play” name began. Chuckie was far from the evil little doll after which he was named, but no other name seemed to fit.

Chuckie didn’t spend a lot of time with his littermates because when he was three weeks old he starting sleeping in my bed. I would always fall asleep with him curled in my blanket and my mom would have to return him to his littermates. Some people may wonder why I never showed him in conformation and that was because his bite was off. Although gorgeous in every other way, I felt that since I was never going to breed him - well, why get his championship. Chuckie was shown as a baby in fun matches and I will never forget the fun match that Michael Schmidt was judging in 1997 in Montana. Chuckie did his down on back and then came to a complete stop, flopped down into a frog position looking up at me and everyone laughed. I think Michael had a soft spot for the silly Chuckie and gave him a Sporting Puppy Group 3. When Chuckie was older, I showed him a little in Veterans or Hunting Dog. He always had a way showing his love by lifting his leg on me, usually right before we went into the ring. Yes, you read that right! That is the naughty side of Chuckie that came out once in awhile.

Chuckie excelled in performance areas and would have been so much better, but I didn’t have the focus to do performance work. Chuckie lived with Michelle Givens for a short time and earned his SH and WDX and I am forever grateful to her for her love and care when he earned those titles. Whenever Michelle and Chuckie would go up to the line he always lifted his leg on her as well! I really never understood why Chuckie did that except that was his way of saying we were his ladies. Chuckie was always fun to take out in the field when he was older because he showed me how quartering was supposed to be and he showed me how gentle he was with his birds.

Chuckie has showed me how to love unconditionally and he has been through so much with me. No matter what journey we were on we always did it together. Chuckie has never met anyone who didn’t like him and he has so many human and dog friends. Every day when I leave for work or just leave the house without Chuckie I give him a kiss on the head and tell him, “I love you and I will see you soon” and give him his cookie.

Everyone always told me that the moment would come when I knew the time was right and over the past month I have come to the realization I was losing my best friend. If it was up to Chuckie he would hang on longer for me, but I cannot continue to be selfish. I have to think of what he needs and it’s time for him to go meet up with his brother, Major. Just last August, Major and Chuckie spent their last time together. Major whispered secrets to Chuckie and the photo of them just being together is so precious. I think Major was telling Chuckie that he would go first, like always, because he was braver and then when Major had scoped things out, Chuckie could follow, just like always. Chuckie gets this far away look when he is at Mom’s house, like he hears something we cannot – I think Major still told him secrets. Although Chuckie still looks at me and wags his tail, in the last day I could tell he is trying to tell me he can’t continue anymore.

Baby Chuckie I will see you when I get to heaven and I look forward to you showing me around as I did for you on this earth. As for now I have the photos and all the memories and I will be eternally grateful for every moment we shared. Please run in the fields after the pheasants with Mommy Demo, Brother Major and Sister Lacey. It’s OK, Chuckie – they know where the pheasants hide, where the water bowl sits, and where the tennis ball stash is located. I know you won’t be lonely. But I will be so lonely because today leaves an empty spot on the end of the bed where you have been for 15 years. And when I leave my house tomorrow, it will be so empty without you there.

In loving memory of Chuckie, Calico’s Child’s Play SH CD RN WDX CGC HOF ROM-F

March 6, 1997 – April 20, 2012

I will forever miss him while I draw a breath on this earth.

Kylie Jo Hirschy-Seivert

“then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never again to be separated”
Until then Chuckie, be a good boy~