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Puppies available from our Spring/Summer 2019 litters
Puppies will be ready to go home mid July-August 2019

Remember Field Spaniels are a rare breed and it takes time and patience when seeking this breed. Often it takes six months to a year, but the wait is well worth it for this amazing breed. At Calico, we spend countless hours planning each breeding.  Since 1984, Calico Field Spaniels produces healthy, sound, loving, family companions with great temperaments that conform to all criteria of the published AKC Field Spaniel standard. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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At Calico Field Spaniels, we will never prohibit you from talking to as many breeders as possible; we actually encourage you to talk to other breeders (RED FLAG - Be aware of breeders who do not encourage and support fellow breeders who are also members in good standing of the national or local clubs). We are open and honest about our 30 years of breeding Calico Field Spaniels.  We believe in producing Field Spaniels that are healthy, sound, loving, family companions with great temperaments that conform to all criteria's of the published AKC Field Spaniel standard.  We believe in communication from day one and we would be honored to have our puppies become cherished companions and a loving friend in your home.

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