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CH OTCH Calico’s Lil Deuce Coupe UDX3 HOF ROM

CH Pin Oak’s Yankee Doodle Dandy - CH Squier’s Clara Barton UD

October 11, 1987 – December 2000

Liver Bitch


The original “yahoo” dog, always ready to “rock & roll,” Cooper was the first OTCH in breed history, earned over 400 career OTCH points, over 2 dozen HIT & HCS awards, and earned the highest obedience titles available in 4 different registries. She produced 2 litters for 10 total puppies of whom 7 became bench Champions and included the 2nd OTCH in breed history who was also a group-winner. As a veteran, she won Best Veteran In Specialty at the 1995 & 1996 Nationals, and Brood Bitch class First in 1996. Field Spaniel Society of America, Inc., Hall of Fame (HOF), Register of Merit-Obedience (ROM-O), Register of Merit-Outstanding Dam Excellent (ROM-ODX).

All Calico Field Spaniels go back to this great girl.

She was born in a storm and departed in one. Some are always meant to fly on the wind it seems.  And she always did. She was born at 2 a.m. in 1987. Arriving with just little foot, pad up, the first puppy. Disaster followed. The little puppy lost nearly 1/3 of her birth weight. The books say she should not have survived, but she did...and flew through obedience training, learning quickly and well.


Three years later, she still thought she could fly, leaping from a concrete retaining wall, absolutely sure that I knew she was leaping into my arms. I didn't. She landed on the concrete 5 feet down. Got up, shook herself off, and went off to play, apparently fine. Two weeks later, competing in the Gaines Eastern Regional Open division, 3rd run, well within the top ten and tied with her littermate who finished 8th in that event. She fell to the ground on the retrieve on the flat. Radiographs showed multiple fractures of the lumbar spine.


Two years later, finishing her OTCH with 5 consecutive all-breed High In Trials. Over 400 lifetime OTCH points. Top 25 in 1993 for OTCH points earned in one year. Top Ten Delaney system, all breed.


(sired by CH Richlynn’s Jonathan Henry)

¨ CH OTCH Calico’s So Fine Four-O-Nine UDX

¨ CH Calico’s Dulcinea Del Prado CDX TD NA

¨ CH Woodrun’s Grand Slam UDX WD

¨ Calico’s Midnight Special


(sired by CH Centennial Back Field N’M’Tion)

¨ CH Calico’s String Of Pearls

¨ CH Calico’s Leader Of The Pack

¨ Calico’s Jente Min

¨ CH Calico’s Hudson Jet

¨ Calico’s KC Masterpiece

¨ CH Calico’s Coupe DeVille CD WDX


Cooper’s Pedigree



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CH Pin Oak’s Yankee Doodle Dandy

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