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CH OTCH Calico’s Demolition Derby UDX3 SH RN WDX, HOF, ROM

 (CH Terralan Lord Winston x CH OTCH Calico’s So Fine Four-O-Nine UDX)
June 6, 1993 - September 15, 2009

 Liver Bitch

field spaniel 



Becki Jo Hirschy


Health Testing

OFA Good

CERF Clear – tested 93,97,98,00,01,03,04,05



I probably should have listened when people warned me that “names come true”.

She had what it took for obedience though her exploits were legend and there were more than a few times where I put my head on the kitchen counter and just cried because I did not know what to do. She chose her own road to the OTCH title, finishing in style, with a crowd. Just the way she liked it and on her own terms.

She was introduced to birds on a dare as in, “sure, your dogs can do obedience, but can they hunt?” She took to bird work with vigor, bringing myself and others along with her and introducing the whole new wonderful world of field work. The dam of two Master Hunters and a Senior Hunter, what magic it was to have her recognized with a judge’s award of merit at the 2002 National as a veteran coming from the hunting bitch class. She did obedience to please me; she hunted to please herself. The memory of her last hunt at 14 years of age will be with me forever – the quintessential perfect day in the field.

For the past several years, she has been never more than a few feet from my side, my brown shadow in the house. We bought a stairway to make on and off the bed easier for old bones. She refused to use it and took to sleeping in one spot on the floor near me. “I’m old and I can’t hear you” was her favorite excuse for bad behavior.

You made it so clear that it was time but my heart is broken and I miss you so very much, my shadow who padded quietly after me through the house wherever I would go. No matter how soundly you were sleeping, my movement brought you to your feet. I so wish that today would have been different somehow, that age would not have caused your strength to fail, and that you would still be here, my Demon-dog who loved only me. I will anxiously look in every litter to see if I spy your soul come back, for if any one dog could do so, it would be you. And then I shall keep that special one to once again have my heart owned by a being so grand because, Demo, I never owned you; you owned me.

CH OTCH Calico’s Demolition Derby UDX3 SH RN WDX

June 6, 1993 - September 15, 2009

~ Love Always, Becki Jo