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Dogs in the Pedigrees

Other Nice Field Spaniels Who Are In Many Pedigrees

We are often asked about other Field Spaniels in pedigrees. Here are some photos from our files


First 3 Field Spaniels in the U.S. (modern times)

Cotocia’s Once in not Enough  Jackee

Hilltop Avalyde Jolly Roger  Roger

Jerans Daydream Believer “Derby”

Jesters Bubln Brown Sugar "Bird"

Lydemoor Lincoln Lincoln

Marshfield's Boys' Night Out  "Henry"

Marshfield's Daniel Boone  "Boone"

Marshfield's EverMoor My Amor  "Emma"

Moroto Cadence Casey

Muharraq Jester Piper

Pin Oak’s Yankee Doodle Dandy  Shawn

Richlynn’s Jonathan Henry Jon Henry

Squier’s Jeb Stuart  “Jeb”

Squier’s Reverie

Squier’s Valley Forge