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First 3 FS in the US

The Original Three Field Spaniels in Modern US History

Left: CH Brigadier of Mittina "Brig"

Center: CH Pilgrim of Mittina  "Mac"

Right: CH Flowering May of Mittina  "Twiggy"


The modern re-birth of the Field Spaniel in the U.S. began in the homeland of the breed in December 1966. Three of this litter were imported to America in 1967 to form the base of the breed in America. These Fields were: "Mac" (CH Pilgrim of Mittina) and "Twiggy" (CH Flowering May of Mittina), owned by Richard and Doris Squier (Squier's Kennels) of Randolph, Ohio; and "Brig" (CH Brigadier of Mittina) owned by P. Carl Tuttle (Gunhill Kennels) of Rectorville, Virginia. All were bred by Mrs. A.M. Jones, MBE of England (Mittina Kennels) and were liver in color. Even today, you may see the names of these original imports in extended pedigrees of Field Spaniels in the U.S.

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