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CH Calico's If Looks Could Kill CD BN GN RAE CGC HOF ROM-R BIVSS
(CH Calico's Moving Picture CDX RN MH WDX x CH Calico's Queen of The Road TD CDX)
August 4, 2000 - July 3, 2012
Liver and Tan Dog

I will forever miss Freddie while I draw a breath on this earth. 

“then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never again to be separated”
Until then Freddie, be a good boy~

Photo by Thomas Photo



Becki Jo Hirschy
Kylie Jo Hirschy-Seivert


Kylie Jo Hirschy-Seivert

Health Clearances:
CHIC #30012
Hips - Good
Elbows - Normal
Patella - Normal Practitioner
Thyroid - Normal

Cardiac - Normal Cardiologist

CERF - Normal




Another of the Major x Shelby kids who is definitely proven to have beauty and brains. Freddie continued on with her “horror movie” theme for naming dogs.  As opposed to his namesake, this boy is pretty and elegant, with an effortless side-gait that just doesn’t quit. Freddie has earned Multiple Best in Veteran Sweeps and several obedience and rally titles. In 2009, at the FSSA National Specialty Freddie earned a perfect 100 in Rally Advanced. We lost Freddie to a tragic illiness and we hope that with Freddie's story it can educate others to the possibility of this horrible illiness. His story is listed below his pictures if you choose to read it.

Some of his recent accomplishments include:


Officially Retired at the 2012 FSSA National Specialty


Beginner Novice



Graduate Novice



Companion Dog

Rally Advanced

Rally Excellent



Rally Novice



Canine Good Citizen

Freddie has sired his first and only litter (born November 2005) and the puppies are looking great and showing some impressive performance drive.  Brett can be seen by clicking here


In loving memory of Freddie, CH Calico's If Looks Could Kill CD BN GN RAE CGC HOF ROM-R BIVSS

 “Freddie, Freddie Betty, Fredder Chedder or Whats Up Fred” is what Freddie was called nearly all of the time. On August 4, 2000 was Major x Shelby’s first litter by emergency C-Section when I happened to be visiting from Florida.  While we were at EVS they brought out the four big babies and one was a Liver and Tan boy, so from day one Freddie and I were destined to live a life together. 

I remember like it was yesterday flying up to Wisconsin to bring Freddie back to Daytona. Our flight home was on Delta and we had a quick stop in Atlanta and the pilot asked to see my puppy. Then he asked if he might need to potty, so Freddie at an earlier age was on the runway going potty. Those were back in the days when pilots came out of the cockpits and actually socialized and I will never forget that experience on Delta.

Within a few days of having Freddie at home I discovered that he liked to suck his toy. I had seen this once before with a previous field spaniel, Freddie’s grandsire Race. So as soon as I saw Freddie doing this I was telling him what a good boy he was. Over the years sucking on a toy leads to a dog that is independent because they play on their own, but it also lead to a lot of teeth issues that I would later discover. Whenever I would buy dog toys I would always buy one for Freddie, so I could try to replace his old stinky sucky toys.

While growing Freddie up in Florida he learned to swim next to his older companion or as I always said his Big Brother, Chuckie, in the ocean and he loved to go to the beach. Freddie was more of a beach bum and loved to sunbath while Chuckie loved to float and body surf in the waves. Freddie really took to the Florida life of chilling at the beach. 

Freddie had a limited show career because in order to find majors we had to fly to national specialties. In 2002, he earned RWD and Best Bred By at the 2002 National and a 5pt major at the trailer show following the national in Virginia Beach, Virginia in October. Then six months later he finished his championship by winning both days at the national trailer shows in Madison, Wisconsin.   Freddie was not shown again until he was a veteran and earned several Best in Veteran Sweepstakes.

When we moved back to Wisconsin I started to play around with obedience and rally. Freddie was the first boy to receive a Rally Novice title in the breed as well as share the Beginner Novice Title with his son, Brett. I made so many mistakes in training with Freddie that I would love to say I will never repeat, but some of our mistakes are because of the love Freddie had for me. He could never be without me and that is why we could barely ever make it past three minutes on the out of sight sits and downs, hence, the reason Freddie never earned that CDX we trained for the past several years. We had several highlights when Freddie and I were both serious about training and actually going to class. At the 2009 national Freddie earned a perfect 100 in rally advanced and that was my first time achieving such an honor.  At the 2012 national Freddie officially retired when we achieved the RAE title at 11.5 years old. Freddie also won 1st place in the Beginner Novice class as well as his 11-13 Veteran Dog class. Freddie always loved to show and he did it to please me and spend time with me.  

Since I lost Chuckie two months ago I know Freddie was heartbroken, but I also know that he had some underlying illness going on but a complete work up indicated all systems/blood work normal.   On Friday, Freddie spiked a temp of 106.7, again went to the veterinarian who repeated lab work, xrayed everything, and sent Freddie home with antibiotics.  The temp never really came down and stayed fairly steady at 102-104. Saturday night he took a turn for the worse, the right eye swelled unbelievably, and then ruptured.  He went into surgery to have the eye removed on Tuesday after having been seen by a different veterinarian and an eye vet.  The Pewaukee Vet practice has seen blastomycosis before, were highly suspicious of Blastomycosis (appropriate samples were sent off for analysis and confirmed results we later found) and started treatment prior to surgery to get the temp under control before anesthesia.  In the meantime, heavy-duty pain killers were administered along with antinausea drugs.  I took him to Mom’s house for intensive nursing care, where I stayed with him, and this stabilized him.  While stable going into surgery, Freddie did not come out of anesthetic and developed ventricular tachyc ardia, losing pulse and blood pressure but then would convert back to sinus rhythm.  Antiarrythmic drugs were given in accordance with ACLS protocol but were ineffective, so Freddie was emergently taken for evaluation directly by the cardiologist.  The echocardiogram showed that the heart was severely damaged. Treatment would offer only a minimal chance of survival and severe compromise to any quality of life.  

Thus, Freddie’s journey in life began at EVS when he was born during a crash c-section and this is also where we had to make the difficult decision to end his suffering. We spent time with Freddie before he got his new body and even during that time he was wagging his tail.

Freddie I will see you when I get to heaven and I look forward to you showing me around as I did for you on this earth. As for now I have the photos and all the memories and I will be eternally grateful for every moment we shared together. Please run in the fields after the pheasants with Mommy Shelby, Daddy Major, Big Brother Chuckie and Grandma Demo. It’s OK, Freddie – they know where the tennis ball stash is located, the toy bins so you can have all the perfect sucky toys you want and where the best spots are for swimming. I know you won’t be lonely.  But even though I know the decision was right, I will be incredibly lonely because today leaves an empty spot where you would lay on the floor next to my bed and if I would wake up all I have to do is look over and your there. It also leaves an empty spot in the bathroom because every since he was a puppy he always was present laying in his spot on the bathroom floor while I proceeded to get ready. My house is very lonely just having the one dog remaining, but I am so happy that Brett is a Freddie son because that is what helps ease the pain.


In loving memory of Freddie, CH Calico's If Looks Could Kill CD BN GN RAE CGC HOF ROM-R BIVSS

August 4, 2000 – July 3, 2012

I will forever miss him while I draw a breath on this earth.


Kylie Jo Hirschy-Seivert, Chris Seivert and Becki Hirschy 

 “then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never again to be separated”
Until then Freddie, be a good boy~