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Health Issues

Though the Field Spaniel is generally a healthy breed, there are health issues that appear on a statistically more frequent basis. While this list does not contain a complete listing of all known problems that "could" occur, it does focus on the more common issues of which you need to be aware. One thing to keep in mind is that ALL dogs of ALL breeds carry genes that could potentially result in a hereditary problem.  Responsible breeders do their best to minimize this possibility and do all sorts of testing to assure that they are breeding the healthiest Field Spaniels, but even with the best precautions, things can go wrong.


The Field Spaniel Society of America, Inc. has made recommendations regarding what testing should be done prior to breeding any Field Spaniel. You can learn more about this by going to the CHIC website and clicking on “CHIC Breeds” and then “Field Spaniel.”  This will bring up a list of the recommended testing and intervals for Field Spaniels.


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