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CH Calico's Moving Picture MH CDX RN WDX HOF

(CH Hilltops Avalyde Jolly Roger x CH OTCH Calico's Demolition Derby UDX3 SH WDX)

In loving memory of Major, March 6, 1997 - August 15, 2011
Liver & Tan Male




Becki Jo Hirschy

Jeff Zachow

Health Clearances:
CHIC #59055
Hips - Good
Thyroid- Normal
Elbow - Normal

Major is an incredible dog with a lot of heart and soul. In 2005, Major became the FIRST MASTER HUNTER DOG in the breed as well as being a Bench Champion Master Hunter.  Major has had a total of six (6) litters that have accounted for some of the most titled field spaniels in the breed to include:

·        33 puppies

·        17 Champions

·        65 Performance Titles including the First MACH in the breed

To watch a video of Major at 12.5 hunting in the field click here

He is available to approved bitches.

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On August 12, 2011, Major went out for his weekly hunting trip. This is the day that Major
showed us his body was giving up, but not his heart.
He was determined to find his final bird and swim his final lap in the pond.
On August 15, 2011, Major joins all his Field Spaniel friends and family and we can
guarantee you he is chasing pheasants in the fields of heaven. 
To read more about Major and his impact on our lives keep reading.

Baby Boy. That's what I named you when you slid into my hand. All 12 ounces of you, eyes and ears tightly closed. A liver & tan boy! You nestled into my arms, cradled on your back as your brothers and sisters were born. It was always one of your favorite places to be - on your back, cradled and getting a belly rub. At the back of my drawer, I have that favorite picture of us, you on your back in my arms – I'll keep it all of my life.

It couldn't stay that way, just you and me. You needed to make your way into the world and I needed to let you go. My plan was to pretend there was no one who wanted you so then you would be mine. You stole some keys & gloves from his pocket to make the point that you were ready for new adventures and that you had chosen the special person with whom you would go. And you did choose him. I could see how you waited every week for him to come see you, week after week when the other puppies jumped and pounced, you were waiting. No other way would I have let you go because you and your twin brother were special from the start. You showed me then just the first of many lessons you would teach, that when you love something you let it go and when it comes back it is really yours. You always came back.

You did everything you were ever asked, sometimes reluctantly like in obedience class, but most often with joy like when you were in the field after a pheasant or swimming so strongly that you left a wake. You answered sometimes to "no no Major, bad dog" but you could use your paws like human hands to give a "high five" or to bat us from behind just in case it had been forgotten that you were there. You did the best "snoopy" look that always made us laugh. You could levitate balls and toys into our hands from the floor just by looking at them - it always worked. You never minded when we acted crazy or weird because you would act crazy and weird right along with us! "If you are a goofus on a roofus, then I want to be one, too," was your motto. You knew that uniforms and briefcases were bad because you were being left as we went to work and that when shotgun cases were pulled out that was good because you were going to do something exciting. And you knew that if you waited, a special treat would always be put into your food. You knew it was good for food to be properly blessed before being served. You always knew that something wonderful was just around the corner, if you just waited, watched, and willed it to be so. And this was another lesson, when the world says "give up," hope whispers "try it one more time."

Our hearts are breaking because you are gone. We can't reach out and pet your silky ears. We can't nuzzle close. We will never hear that almost human sound of squealed joy when something you had waited for happened…like every time you heard a motorcycle rumble, the garage door start to open because that meant he was home. We have just the memories now. I'll finish the book that you and I started two years ago and worked on for hours every time you were here. I guess maybe I knew this day was close because the book is almost finished, the photos are carefully placed, and I have found just one more entry to make. It will be so very hard to share because I worry that maybe you and I are the only ones who could really "get it". A lot of people knew you and loved you, but they won't see you in the mist of the hunting field. We will, Jeff & I, we will. The photos bring the memories back so strongly. Yet another lesson – that while we could have missed the pain, we'd have had to miss this dance with you. We would not have missed it for the world.

Baby Boy, you were the only one I ever let see me play that song that makes me cry every time. You knew how much I don't let anyone see inside because you wiggled in there. So, as the song goes, "I wish life were a videotape that I could rewind because I'd go back and slow down each moment of time. And I'd disconnect the fast forward button so I'd have forever to tell you I love you. The older I get, I can't get enough of you." I played the song last night on the way back from work because I knew today was coming and I couldn't stop it. There was no way I could turn back time or cheat and disconnect that button. And it wouldn't have been right to do that. You have given so much, forgiven so much – all the missteps and mistakes we made with you. And those are more lessons: forgiveness and being able to turn around say "my bad – shouldn't have done that," without shame and without caring what anyone else thought. So unlike we humans who find saying "do over" so very hard to do.

I was crying so hard playing that song that I made a wrong turn and when I looked in the rearview mirror to U-turn, I thought I saw you in the shadows and I could almost feel you lay your head to rest heavily on my shoulder from the back seat, just like always, as if to say "It's OK, Mom…by the way, can I have a piece of your dinner that you didn't eat?". And that made me laugh through the tears – you could always do that.

Because I have always believed that there are really no accidental occurrences in this world, I believe you were allowed to bless my life & his life for a reason. His timing was perfect then for so many, many reasons, and I have to believe it is perfect now, even though my heart is broken. It's that whole faith and trust thing that we discussed one night – or at least I discussed it and you listened intently. I was very angry with God and yelled at Him. Taxi and Ritz ran to the corner, but you just sat there and looked at me as if to say "are you done yet?" because you were always faithful and trusting and didn't understand how not to be. It is a lesson you tried to teach and I am trying so very hard to learn it.

Baby Boy, did I learn all the lessons you were sent to teach?

All I know right now is that it hurts, it really hurts. I know that people argue about whether dogs go to heaven or not, so I am not going to argue the point because I don't care what anyone else thinks. I simply believe that someday there will be a place where there is no crying, no pain, no illness, no death. God promised that and He never breaks His promises. God will prepare everything for our perfect happiness in heaven and if it takes you being there, then you will be there. So I know you are already there. I guess maybe I am starting to get that faith and trust thing that you knew so well.

In loving memory of Major, CH Calico's Moving Picture MH CDX RN WDX, 1997-2011

We miss you Baby Boy Love Always, Jeff, Becki and Kylie and to everyone who ever had a chance to meet this amazing Baby Boy!