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Planned Parenthood

 At Calico Field Spaniels, we breed litters infrequently because we plan carefully to assure that we have the time and energy required to raise a litter of puppies to be well-socialized, happy individuals. Sires and dams are chosen carefully for their temperament, physical conformation, health (including hip, patella, elbow evaluation, eye, thyroid, and cardiac status) and performance aptitude. Puppies are raised in our home, initially in a quiet bedroom area and then at 4 weeks of age, they move into the middle of our kitchen so that they have excellent stimulation and interaction with people. The goal is to produce puppies who are equipped to live happy and healthy lives first and foremost as companions and that may be able to compete in the show ring or performance venues as well. All puppies are placed in their new homes with a written contract, veterinarian evaluation of health, and veterinary ophthalmologist eye check, puppy aptitude test results, and a puppy reading manual written here at Calico.

 While we have had people wait for a puppy from Calico, we understand that not everyone wishes to wait for a puppy. In that case, we will be happy to let you know of those breeders from whom we expect you will have an opportunity to obtain a quality, carefully planned and raised Field Spaniel puppy and we will update this area periodically to let you know who might have a litter coming that you may inquire about. This is not an endorsement of those individuals; you will still need to do your own inquiry and determine that the breeder is someone with whom you wish to work.

We will not commit to anyone receiving a puppy from Calico until we have a confirmed pregnancy and puppies born. You will receive a final commitment from us around 8 weeks of age. We are seeking homes that are committed to Calico Field Spaniels because this is a lifetime commitment between Calico, you and your new puppy.

 To inquire as to whether or not we may have puppies available, please feel free to email us by clicking here. Then, we’ll need to talk about what you want in a puppy and what we expect to have. We want to be sure that a Field Spaniel is the right dog for your home as a puppy is a lifetime commitment. It is very possible for you to get a puppy from Calico even if you do not live within drivable distance; we simply ask that you be willing to fly here to pick up your puppy and fly the puppy back with you in a carry-on pet carrier.

At Calico, we will never prohibit you from talking to as many breeders as possible; we actually encourage you to talk to other breeders
(RED FLAG - Be aware of breeders who do not encourage and support fellow breeders who are also members in good standing of the national or local clubs). We are open and honest about our 31 years of breeding Field Spaniels. We believe in producing healthy long living companions and to verify we check health clearances click here. We believe in communication from day one and we look forward to having our puppies be a companion and loving friend in your home.

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If you have any questions on what to ask a breeder a great reference can be viewed at click here

***Calico Field Spaniel Litter Plans***

Upcoming Litter Plans

Summer 2019

GCH CH Calico's Next Top Model RN TKN CGCU  "Starlet"
(CH Calico's Gambler's Risk x GCH Calico's Fashion Icon)
DOB: 12/23/15

Starlet is liver colored with phantom tan. She is 3 years old and this will be her first litter.
She is known as a velcro dog because she loves people and attaches herself to whoever gives her attention. She loves hanging out on top of the couch, going on long walks thru the subdivision and being a nanny to the other dogs. She is never crated which makes her truly the perfect house dog in so many ways.

Summer/Fall 2019

CH Calico's Kiss Me Quick From Quapaw "Smooch"
(CH Northaven's Gone with the Wind x Calico's Cannonball Run)
DOB: 1/9/16

Smooch is 3 years old and liver colored. This will be her first litter. Smooch is currently enrolled in agility and obedience and showing a lot of promise. She uses her running skills in the backyard trying to catch squirrels. In her downtime she is snuggled up next to us.  At night when its getting close to bedtime Smooch goes missing, but she can always be found in bed as she outs herself to bed all curled up in the pillows. She is a great house dog who loves meeting new people.

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www.offa.org is a great place to seek Calico Field Spaniels along with other Field Spaniels to verify that health testing has been completed. Unless the results are listed on this website do not believe that they have been done!

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