Welcome to Calico Field Spaniels - Celebrating 35 years improving the breed - 1984 - 2019

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The Boys


Ainsley That’s My Boy “Barney”

Bruce’s Drive My Car At Calico Beep

Calico’s Child’s Play  Chuckie

Calico’s Fall Flight Hot Rod Lincoln Brock

Calico’s Flying High Fly

Calico’s If Looks Could Kill   Freddie
Calico's Gamblers Risk "Rico"

Calico’s Guitars And Cadillacs  Gibson

Calico’s Lamfhada  “Lugh”

Calico’s Lovin’ The Spotlight  “Luke”

Calico’s Magnum Force Harry

Calico’s Major Impact Trooper

Calico's Make My Day "Harry"

Calico’s Moving Picture Major

Calico’s Partner In Crime Partner

Calico’s Probably Cause “Minor”

Gooseberry’s Tough EnoughClint

Gooseberry’s T’World Isn’t Enuf  Bond

Mishules Calico Set To Stun  “Phaser”

Winfarthing’s Oberon “Obie”

W-Haven's MVP At Calico  Brett

Wolftree’s One Over ParBogey