Welcome to Calico Field Spaniels - Celebrating 35 years improving the breed - 1984 - 2019

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The Boys

 Ainsley That’s My Boy Barney

Bruce’s Drive My Car At Calico Beep

Calico's Catch Me If You Can "Leo"
Calico’s Child’s Play  Chuckie
Calico’s Back in Black Hal
Calico's Duel Axle Overdrive "Axle"
Calico’s Fall Flight Hot Rod Lincoln

Calico’s Flying High Fly

Calico’s If Looks Could Kill   Freddie

Calico’s Guitars And Cadillacs  Gibson

Calico’s Lamfhada  “Lugh”

Calico’s Lovin’ The Spotlight  “Luke”
Calico's Lucky Charlie "Charlie"

Calico’s Magnum Force Harry

Calico’s Major Impact Trooper

Calico's Make My Day "Harry"
Calico’s Moving Picture Major

Calico’s Partner In Crime Partner

Calico’s Probably Cause Minor
Calico’s Riteto Remain Silent “Barkley
Calico’s Scoutin' Out The Blues Scout
Gooseberry’s Tough EnoughClint

Gooseberry’s T’World Isn’t Enuf  Bond

Mishules Calico Set To Stun  “Phaser”

Winfarthing’s Oberon “Obie”

W-Haven's MVP At Calico  Brett

Wolftree’s One Over ParBogey

The Girls

 Bruce’s Art Of Happyness At Calico “Aylen”

Calico The Chocolate Factory Charlize

Calico’s American Beauty Phoebe

Calico’s As Good As It Gets  Emmy

Calico's Cannonball Run  "Shiloh"
Calico’s Fashion Icon Jackie
Calico’s First Offense  “Chloe”
Calico’s Gift of Life “Zoey”
Calico’s I Love Lucy “Lucy”
Calico’s Leap of Faith Celeste

Calico's Livin' La Vida Loca at Gooseberry  "Rickeé"
Calico’s Moulin Rouge  “Rouge”

Calico’s Nutmeg Sugar N’ Spice “Meg”

Calico’s Puttin’ On The Ritz  Ritz

Calico’s R U Talk’N To Me  “Gabby”

Calico’s Read’M Their Rights “Miranda”

Calico’s Running Up The Fare Taxi
Calico’s She Wears Short Shorts “Daisy
Calico’s Skyline Firedance  “Sky”

Calico’s Sonoma Crush “Crush”

Calico’s Undercover Agent  CC

Tamarack’s Race You To Calico Indy


Squier’s Clara Barton Clara - our first Field Spaniel

Amberac’s U Kant Tucker Him Out “Tucker” – our first Golden Retriever

Calico’s Baird   “Bay”

Calico’s Brandywine  “Brandy”

Calico’s Casanova  “Cas”

Calico’s Chantilly Lace  Lacey

Calico’s Coupe DeVille   “Caddy”

Calico’s Demolition Derby Demo

Calico’s Dulcinea Del Prado   “Darcy”

Calico’s Driven to Distraction  “Sybil”

Calico’s Four on the Floor  “Spicer”

Calico’s Geoffrey Chaucer “Geoff”

Calico’s Hot Pursuit Del Prado  Race

Calico’s Hudson Jet  “Hudson”

 Calico’s Jente Min   “Selma”

Calico’s Leader of the Pack  “Harley”

Calico’s Lil Deuce Coupe  Cooper

Calico’s Little GTO
 Calico's Moving Picture  "Major"

Calico’s Pinball Wizard  Tommy

Calico’s Queen Of The Road  Shelby

Calico’s Royal Flush’R  “Nigel”

Calico’s So Fine Four-O-Nine  Chevy

Calico’s String of Pearls  “Juno”

Calico’s Stuck With You   “Mallorie”

Woodrun’s Grand Slam   “Casey”

Woodrun’s Yesterday “Keeper”






We are often asked about other Field Spaniels in pedigrees. Here are some photos from our files.

First 3 Field Spaniels in the U.S. (modern times)

Cotocia’s Once in not Enough  Jackee

Hilltop Avalyde Jolly Roger  “Roger”

Jerans Daydream Believer “Derby”

Jesters Bubln Brown Sugar "Bird"

Lydemoor Lincoln “Lincoln”

Marshfield's Boys' Night Out "Henry"

Marshfield's Daniel Boone  "Boone"

Marshfield's EverMoor My Amor  "Emma"

Moroto Cadence Casey

Muharraq Jester Piper

Pin Oak’s Yankee Doodle Dandy  Shawn

Richlynn’s Jonathan Henry Jon Henry

Squier’s Jeb Stuart  “Jeb”

Squier’s Reverie

Squier’s Valley Forge