Welcome to Calico Field Spaniels - Celebrating 35 years improving the breed - 1984 - 2019

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The Girls

 Bruce’s Art Of Happyness At Calico “Aylen”

Calico The Chocolate Factory Charlize

Calico’s American Beauty Phoebe

Calico’s As Good As It Gets  Emmy

Calico's Cannonball Run  "Shiloh"
Calico's Fashion Icon "Jackie"

Calico’s First Offense  “Chloe”
Calico’s Gift of Life "Zoey"

Calico's Leap of Faith “Celeste”

Calico's Livin La Vida Loca at Gooseberry  "Rickee"
Calico’s Moulin Rouge  “Rouge”

Calico’s Nutmeg Sugar N’ Spice “Meg”

Calico’s Puttin’ On The Ritz  Ritz

Calico’s R U Talk’N To Me  “Gabby”

Calico’s Read’M Their Rights “Miranda”

Calico’s Running Up The Fare Taxi

Calico’s Skyline Firedance  “Sky”

Calico’s Sonoma Crush “Crush”

Calico’s Undercover Agent  CC

Tamarack’s Race You To Calico Indy