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CH Calico’s Queen of The Road CDX TD 
(BISS AM/Cam CH CT Calico's Hot Pursuit Del Prado CAN TDX x CH Cotoica’s Texas Sagebrush)
June 17, 1997 – January 16, 2008
Liver Bitch

field spaniel 



Eileen Griffin

Dottie Slattery



Joe Pichette

Becki Jo Hirschy

Kylie Jo Hirschy


Health Testing

OFA Good

CERF Clear – tested 98, 00, 01, 03, 04



She wasn't the up and at'em little brat of a puppy I tend to be drawn to; she was sweet and wanted to sit in my lap. But she was breathtaking. I let my head overrule my heart on that day and was never sorry as my heart soon belonged to her as well. Dam of 8 Champions, her kids won well in the conformation ring, excelled in performance venues, and continue to do so.

She was the proverbial "good" puppy in every way; the occasional naughty episodes were generally blamed on some other Field Spaniel in the house until we found out later that, indeed, Shelby was the one. Proving herself in the conformation ring with a BOS puppy sweeps at the 1998 National followed by a nice 5-point major in a trailer show associated with that event, she finished her championship easily.

Shelby did fine in obedience but made it very clear that obedience competition was not something she enjoyed. Joe, who had one of her puppies, thought she would take to tracking. The magic in their relationship was very soon apparent, and so she stayed with Joe, coming to visit every so often for grooming and just to say "Hi". Allowed to "borrow" Shelby for the 2005
National, she proved once again that she still "had it" and went BOS in veteran sweeps. It was to be her last time in the conformation ring. Shelby earned her Hall of Fame and ROM-Outstanding Dam Producer.

In early 2006, she was noted to have a very slight "almost can't see it" head tilt. By May, when she completed her TD title, it was more apparent and her gait was also slightly "off". Going to this vet and that vet, there were many educated guesses at what was wrong. As luck would have it, the tracking instructor with whom Shelby and Joe worked knew of a veterinarian who specialized in neurology, the only problem was that we had to find her as she had moved her practice from Wisconsin to Illinois. With a bit of googling, the vet was located and agreed to see Shelby. The diagnosis was soon made. With good palliative care, she felt that Shelby could have a great 6 months in front of her, would not suffer, and so that was what was opted to do.

With steroid therapy for a steroid-responsive tumor, the symptoms greatly resolved. Gone was the beautiful flowing gait, but present was a happy, grinning Shelby who embarked on a time of having her every wish indulged. And her demands were actually few: "Can I have another cookie?" "Help me on the couch." "Pet me" "I need to go out again." Shelby came to every event to which Joe was able to take her; people food was A-OK to share, and she would go home exhausted, but happy having been the princess of the party. And being the pretty princess was right up Shelby's alley.

Steroids, while helpful to control the tumor, were a double-edged sword as they always are. It was dicey keeping her on the right amount to control the tumor while not so much as to cause side effects. The progression was slow, sure, and inevitable.

We waited for Shelby to tell us it was time.

And so she did.

Thank you, Joe, for your care and love for this special girl.

Thank you, Shelby, for teaching us so much your dignity and sweetness in face of adversity - you amazed us, enlightened us with your "I don't care how I look, I'm having fun" spirit, and always the good girl, you were clear that it was time to go. Somehow your clarity made today just a little bit easier. Tell Cooper and Chevy, I miss them, and let them know they need to make room on the celestial couch for you. We tried so hard to be ready, but we really were not.

Your only fault was that your time here was far, far too short. I'm reminded of a quote, "We could have missed the pain, but we'd have had to miss the dance."

And what a dance it was, sweet Shelby.